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Emmanuel Sanders Says Patriots Shouldn't Be Champs


The Patriots' hate train has picked up another passenger.

Emmanuel Sanders doesn't think New England's Deflate-gate punishment fits the crime. The champs should have to relinquish their title. 

"I'm kind of mad," Sanders told ESPN. "I don't think that they [New England] should be the Super Bowl champions this year."

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The Broncos wide receiver says cheating of any nature should not be rewarded.

"You aren't supposed to cheat," Sanders said. "Cheating is not good, especially when you've got guys who are working their butts off for 365 days out of the year and one person cheats — whether it helps them win the Super Bowl or not, they still cheated and shouldn't be a champion."

There are others who share Sanders' thoughts on the issue, but Tom Brady doesn't seem to be letting outside chatter take away from his championship win.