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ESPN Analyst Makes His Opinion On 49ers' Christian McCaffrey Trade Very Clear

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey

San Francisco 49ers fans are understandably excited to see what newly-acquired running back Christian McCaffrey can do in Kyle Shanahan's rushing attack.  

However, one ESPN NFL analyst thinks that the 49ers may ultimately end up regretting the trade. 

In an article posted to ESPN today, Seth Walder gave the 49ers a "C-" grade for their acquisition of McCaffrey and shared his thoughts on potential buyer's remorse in San Francisco. 

"The most likely outcome here is the 49ers will end up regretting this choice," ESPN's Seth Walder wrote in an article grading the McCaffrey trade. 

The 49ers did give up a haul for McCaffrey, including a 2023 second-round, third-round and fourth-round pick on top of an additional fifth-round selection in 2024. 

Further, while mostly healthy so far this year, McCaffrey has shown durability concerns over the past two seasons. In 2020 and 2021, the former Panthers' back only played a combined 10 games between both seasons due to injury.

While it's probably too early to give out grades as McCaffrey hasn't even played a down yet for San Francisco, the injury history alongside the draft capital given up for the running back are worth keeping an eye on. 

McCaffrey will likely have his first chance to prove that San Francisco made the right choice Sunday as the 49ers square off with the Chiefs.