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Everyone's Making Same Joke About Russell Wilson vs. Matt Ryan Tonight

Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

NFL fans have been treated to several incredible Thursday night games so far this season. There was bound to be a boring battle eventually. 

Tonight's Broncos vs. Colts game is a snooze-fest; and it's only the first quarter. 

Russell Wilson can't stop running into sacks. Matt Ryan can't even escape the pocket. 

Bad football is being played tonight. Might be a good time for a nap, if we are being honest. 

Fans aren't happy about this Thursday night matchup. 

"Can’t believe we’re being forced to watch Russell Wilson (again ) vs Matt Ryan on prime time #TNFonPrime. I feel like I’m becoming a broken record. @NFL do better bruh," said JoeRobbie.

"Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson feel like cautionary tales against building around a veteran non-homegrown QB. #Colts #Broncos #NFL," said Matt Lombardo.

"Kinda sad watching this matchup between Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson. Right now neither QB or offense is very good," said Andy Hart.

It might be a good time to get some stuff done around the house, read a book or turn in early. This quarterback battle is about as bad as it gets. 

Catch the game on Prime Video.