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Everyone's Saying Same Thing About Dolphins' Locker Room Situation

Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel and WR Tyreek Hill.

An interesting situation in the Miami Dolphins' locker room has unfolded this week. 

Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel announced on Wednesday that Tyreek Hill and the other team captains decided to remove a ping pong table from the locker room. He praised them for the decision. 

However, the removal of the game table isn't a permanent one. Hill told reporters this Thursday that the old ping pong table had a dent in it so the team bought a new one. 

"Tyreek Hill says today the real reason the ping-pong table is out of the Dolphins locker room is he’s working on getting a new custom-designed Dolphins table to replace it. He said the old one had gotten bent. The player tournament is still on(!), according to Hill," via David Furones. 

Every NFL fan is saying the same thing about the Dolphins' locker room situation this week. 

It's playing out like a sitcom or some sort of Saturday Night Live skit. 

"Was Tyreek Hill joking about the whole thing? Is he contradicting what coach Mike McDaniel said Wednesday? Can both things just be true? One thing's for sure: This is a fun Dolphins team," Furones adds on Twitter.

What's next? A pool table in the Dolphins' locker room? Maybe Tyreek Hill and Co. bring a slip-in-slide into the mix. 

Miami takes on the Vikings of Minnesota on Sunday.