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Everyone's Saying Same Thing About The Chicago Bears' Uniforms Tonight

Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

The Chicago Bears broke out a new uniform combination for their Thursday Night Football matchup against the Washington Commanders.

Social media does not approve.

The Bears are donning orange helmets (with their usual orange logos) above orange jerseys and white pants. A popular joke, as former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III pointed out, is that the orange-on-orange Bears look like Syracuse.

"I didn't know Syracuse was playing the Commanders." -- Robert Griffin III

That has, predictably, led to plenty of jabs about how the Bears not only look like Syracuse but play like the Orange, too — misguided slander, really, as Syracuse is 5-0 and ranked No. 18 in the AP Top 25.

The Bears will look to improve to 3-3 with a win over the Commanders.