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Ex-Alabama QB Greg McElroy Says Cam Newton Quit on His Team

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The Alabama-Auburn rivalry literally never stops.

SEC Network analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy has a big problem with Cam Newton "giving up" on his team and refusing to dive on the ball during a crucial possession. McElroy says this has nothing to do with the Alabama-Auburn rivalry.

"What I have issues with is the way he did not jump on the fumble after he dropped the ball," McElroy said. "He jumped away from the ball when the ball was on the ground. I have never, not one time in my life, seen a player do that, especially a quarterback."

Although McElroy said he will still root for "his" Panthers, he claims he will have a big problem with Newton moving forward.

It's too bad McElroy fans won't have a chance to see how he would respond in a Super Bowl.