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Ex-NFL Coach Sean Payton Comments On The Panthers' Matt Rhule Decision

Sean Payton

Former Saints head coach Sean Payton shared his thoughts on the firing of Matt Rhule Monday on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd." 

As the coach in New Orleans for 15 years, Payton went up against the Rhule-led Panthers for his final two NFL seasons before retirement.

During the sit-down with Cowherd, Payton discussed not only the decision to let go of Rhule midseason, but also the harsh realities that come with being an NFL head coach and turning around a franchise.

"It's almost a unicorn — the open job with a great QB, waiting for you to come in and be the foster parent," Payton stated. 

The two went on to analyze how a "broken system" leads to the high turnover amongst coaches. More often than not, the best college quarterbacks go early in the draft, and subsequently end up in dysfunctional systems. 

While Payton was fortunate to find a quarterback early, other coaches in the division and across the NFL weren't as lucky. Just in the NFC South where Payton coached the Saints, his staff noted 14 different coaches were hired during his tenure.