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Ex-NFL Coach Sean Payton Has Honest Admission On Being Retired

Sean Payton

Sean Payton

Ex-NFL head coach Sean Payton is missing his old job. In fact, he especially misses coaching in games between the Saints of New Orleans and Buccaneers of Tampa Bay. That NFC South rivalry took place on Sunday. 

Payton admits there's a few things he misses about coaching the Saints. First is the food; New Orleans is known for it. Second is the Saints vs. Bucs matchup and all that comes with it. 

For the first time in retirement, Payton actually misses coaching. 

"Number one, I miss the food," Payton said Sunday. "Even more than that I miss this matchup. And this is one of the first days I feel different not coaching."

There's a strong belief Sean Payton will be out of coaching for just a year. The big question isn't when. Everyone's trying to figure out who's going to hire him. There's one obvious candidate: the Dallas Cowboys. 

It's already shaping up to be a rough season in Dallas. Jerry Jones may opt to move on from Mike McCarthy, which would then open the door for Payton. 

Until then, Payton is going to have to experience the NFL from his own couch.