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Ex-NFL Star's Home Is On Fire After Getting Struck By Lightning

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Earl Thomas

Ex-NFL star Earl Thomas' home in Texas is currently on fire after it was struck by lightning this Thursday evening, according to a report. Firefighters are at the scene attempting to fight the fire in an attempt to save the house. Unfortunately, it may be lost. 

Thomas, the former Seattle Seahawks safety, was at the house at the time it went ablaze. Thankfully, he was able to flee the scene. 

"DEVELOPING | Former NFL star Earl Thomas' home in Orange catches fire Thursday evening. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Stick with 12News for updates," wrote 12NewsNow.

Update: Reporters have been told Earl Thomas' house in Orange, Texas is a "complete loss." A horrible development for the former NFL star. 

"#BREAKING Little Cypress and Orange Co. fire crews battling a fire at the home of former NFL star Earl Thomas. Chief Matt Manshack with Little Cypress Fire/Orange Co. ESD 3 says Thomas’ home is a complete loss. He says crews could be there for hours fighting the fire," said James Grant.

We certainly hope Earl Thomas was able to retrieve precious items from his house before the fire took over. We wish him the best during this difficult time.