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Ex-Patriots Star Sends Clear Message On Bill Belichick Without Tom Brady

Bill Belichick and former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

On Monday night, the Chicago Bears exposed Bill Belichick and the Patriots of New England on Monday Night Football. 

It was an embarrassing performance by the AFC East franchise, especially at home. 

It's now been several years since Belichick had Tom Brady as his quarterback, and it's starting to show. 

Ex-Patriots star Asante Samuel says Belichick is being exposed as an "average coach" without Brady under center in New England. 

"Belichick is starting to show you he is an average coach without Brady," Samuel said on Twitter.

Ouch. Asante Samuel certainly isn't pulling any punches. This is nothing new from the ex-Patriots star, though. 

Samuel has always been a big fan of Brady's and overly-critical of Belichick. 

"Brady has already proved himself… he doesn’t have to win another game the rest of his career," Samuel adds.

What Bill Belichick is currently experiencing is something most head coaches have to go through at least once. He doesn't have a franchise quarterback and it shows. 

If Belichick plans on sticking in New England for a while more, he needs to find a franchise quarterback. Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe aren't going to get the job done.