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Fans Are Furious With The Los Angeles Chargers' Decision On Justin Herbert

Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

Justin Herbert took a big shot from the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth quarter of tonight's AFC West battle. He was in considerable pain afterwards and even had to leave the field with trainers. 

Fortunately, the injury wasn't severe enough to keep Herbert out of the action. He reentered the game only a play later. However, there's serious concern about the severity of his potential injury. 

Herbert was grimacing nearly the entire rest of the game. He even had to hold his left arm at a 90-degree angle to manage the pain. Fans are pretty furious the Chargers kept him out there in a Week 2 game. 

"Dude why is Herbert in the game? It’s irresponsible to keep your franchise QB in the game after that. Take the dude out, damn," Joy said. 

"Why is Herbert still playing?? Guy isn’t just hurt, he’s injured," wrote MileHighGreco.

"I’d like to know why Herbert was in for the end of that game…obviously hurt badly," said MercyRogi.

With that being said, Justin Herbert gained a ton of respect tonight. He's one of the toughest players in the League.

"Justin Herbert is as tough as they come. What a drive," said Daniel Popper.

Hopefully Herbert isn't injured for a long time. The Chargers luckily get 10 days of rest before Week 3.