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Fantasy Football 2015: An Introduction to MFL10s

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Now that is August we can officially call it fantasy football season. That means folks will be getting invites to their seasonal leagues, beginning to study, discuss rankings, and for some, participate in a mock draft or two (or three or 12 or 50).

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Mock drafts are an important part for any fantasy offseason, as they can help you gauge where players are being valued high or low, enact draft strategies and quench your thirst for the upcoming fantasy football season. I have a little secret though. I know something better than mock drafts.

The secret is something called MFL10 Leagues, which are hosted on These are known as their name “MFL10” or sometimes “Best-Ball Leagues.” I will explain how these work and if you still need a little push to give one a try I will hopefully do that as well below.

What Exactly is an MFL10/Best-Ball League?

Once I explain to folks what an MFL10 is the first question they usually ask is what the heck is that? After an explanation most people not only join, but also become addicts like myself. I do as many as I can, but nowhere near what some others in the industry do in an offseason. I know of people who do hundreds of them. I am not that crazy, nor do I have that much money.

Best-Ball Leagues or MFL10s are fantasy football leagues that allow owners to draft a full team with 20 or more players and not have to worry about weekly lineups. (There are also options for weekly roster management as well but I won’t be focusing on them.)

Each week of the regular fantasy football season your team will play out its games. MFL10 leagues still use your standard nine starters (No kickers). However since there are no weekly lineups the league will automatically use the highest scoring players at each position.

So, if you have seven receivers on your squad it will take the top three on your team for certain, and possibly four depending on your flex position, and the highest scoring players. If you have seven running backs it will take your top two. Three quarterbacks? It will use your highest scoring QB. You get the idea.

Based on your highest scoring players your team’s cumulative point totals will then get ranked in the standings of your 12-team league. If you triumph, drafted well and hit a few long shots you can win $100! Nice little profit off of your $10 entry. Runner-up will get a free entry to an MFL10 in the following year. 

Ok, So How Do I Join?

*Register for an account with if you haven’t already.
*Deposit $10 or more to the site via this link.
*Once you deposit and are registered you can look for open leagues, click on the join button and in the very near future expect an email notifying you of when your draft will begin. Get ready for email alerts and most importantly to draft!

*You can change your password, team name in "franchise information" and even set up your Twitter accounts to be linked. This will tweet your picks as they happen. Get familiar with the site by playing around. Once you are in the most important buttons are the "rosters" and "draft" buttons on the left toolbar
*Read over the League Scoring and Rules too before drafting (as always) so you are prepared for the draft.

Sounds Interesting But Not Sold?

Ok, I will give you some more reasons than the potential of winning money:

1. This is a real league, and a real draft

People are paying to play in this league. That doesn’t mean everyone knows how to win, or will pay attention in the entire draft, but by in large you are not dealing with people mock drafting eight rounds and leaving. Or the guy who joins a mock draft for the sole purpose of taking random, terrible players and thereby destroying the entire mock. These folks are just as excited, love drafting and want to win money as badly as YOU!

2. It is a slow draft, but still moves quick

What is the No. 1 thing most people say about joining another fantasy league? I don’t have time, or in too many. MFL10s can solve both. There is no roster management post-draft AND utilizes the slow email draft. Basically you will get notifications of each pick as they are taken and when you are on the clock. There is an eight-hour clock, which can get long, but most people who participate in these drafts are on the ball and fill queues or pick quickly.

The perk to a slow draft is you don’t feel the pressure of getting sniped and making a desperate pick. You still have time to research, plan ahead, and fill queues without that pressure or panic of a clock and peering eyes. When you are ready, you follow the link in your email go to your draft room and make your pick.

3. You can do more than one draft at a time

These leagues not only prepare you for your seasonal drafts, but they also are fun and allow you to enact different strategies, and reach for rookies or unranked players. In fact, that is encouraged because with no waivers or roster management there’s no chance to pick up the 2015 version of an Odell Beckham Jr. or Justin Forsett. Risk takers can excel in seasonal leagues via either the draft and/or on the waiver wire. In MFL10s you live and die by upside.

4. The odds aren’t terrible.

You have a 1-in-12 chance to win your MFL10. If you enter 10 leagues you are spending $100, but remember it only takes winning one league to break even. Everything else is profit! It isn’t easy, but you could do much worse elsewhere.

— Written by Chris Meyers, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network and a member of the FSWA. Meyers' work appears on many other sites, including Follow him on Twitter @FantsyChillpony.