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Fantasy Football 2015 Patience or Panic: Arian Foster Owners, Carlos Hyde, Dez Bryant and Glenn Rhee of "The Walking Dead"

Carlos Hyde

Carlos Hyde

Week 7 in the NFL featured another significant loss for fantasy owners, as Arian Foster went down with a season-ending injury yet again. It was not necessarily a surprising loss given Foster’s injury history, but painful just the same. Likewise, fans of the show “The Walking Dead” also had a tough time in the third episode of season 6. (More on that in a bit.)

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This is truly the midseason point for most fantasy leagues and it is the time to start making tough choices, or pushes to bolster your squad however necessary. A good start may be to read up on my Midseason Strategies.

Below, I hope to help you decide to temper the storm for another week, bench some surprising bums, or simply cut bait. Let’s decide...

Patience or Panic!

1. Arian Foster owners

Foster’s torn Achilles came in the midst of a very big game (125 total yards, 2 TDs). The fact he is out for the season certainly stings, but not as much as the timing of the injury. Owners likely got a nice value on Foster in drafts due to his preseason groin injury. Most owners should have a serviceable backup on their bench because of his early-season injury. Many may not though. If you were left with one too many good backs in Week 5 you may have likely moved one to strengthen your team elsewhere.  If this is the case then you may be in a pickle.

The Verdict: Panic (Really though... what can you do?)

If you read my latest waiver wire post, or even if you didn’t you likely know already that the running back field is a completely unpredictable, running back-by-committee mess, or filled with unproductive or underwhelming options.

If you are in desperate need and had to go hard after Alfred Blue? You are in trouble. If Blue wasn’t available, or you lost out on him and you are looking at Khiry Robinson, Reggie Bush or worse? You are in trouble.

As I mentioned above there isn’t much you can do, BUT hopefully you have depth elsewhere and can make a move as needed. Make a trade using a spare wide receiver if you have one. Package a back and a backup QB if possible. Try and do something if you are truly left with a big hole.

If this happened in Week 2 or 3 you would be in much better shape on the wire, but alas, timing is everything.

2.  Carlos Hyde, RB, San Francisco 49ers (Averaging 10 fantasy points per game)

Hyde had a gigantic Week 1 against the Vikings but since then he has been in a mediocre offense and toss in a lingering injury which some believe could be a fracture in his foot and you have no reason to be optimistic on Hyde returning to a RB1 or even RB2 status this season.

The Verdict: Panic

Terrible offense, potentially severe, or worsening injury, averaging only 3.4 yards a carry since Week 1? This all sums up what you have with Hyde. I know an owner who has Hyde and Foster in one league. Let’s hope you don’t have it that bad, but if you own Hyde you need to be concerned and worse yet he has minimal trade value at this point.

Bench him for now and hope if he plays that he can rip off another big game and you can trade him.

3. Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys

Bryant is practicing, and there is a possibility he is back this week. Hooray right!? Well, yeah who doesn’t want this beast of a receiver back? The problem is he likely is not 100 percent and he has a very tough matchup in Week 8. The Cowboys also had their bye already so an extra week of rest is no longer an option. Bryant is elite, even at 80 percent, but a hasty return to play this week concerns me very much.

The Verdict: Patience

You have waited this long for Bryant’s return there isn’t much else you can do. You can hope his public mention of rushing back doesn’t impact his play upon return. Worse yet his probability for re-injury is much higher if he isn’t 100 percent upon return. That should worry owners who would rather have Bryant for their fantasy playoffs rather than Week 9, or even this week. All we can do is cross our fingers, and wait.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read if you are not caught up on “The Walking Dead” yet…

Glenn Rhee, Good Guy and Core Group Member since Season 1, “The Walking Dead” (Lovability Percentage = 100)

This last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” has everybody talking. Is he or isn’t he dead? There was no memoriam in the post-show “The Talking Dead,” and the actor also did not appear on the show as is typical.

The cause for concern is real my friends, and although the show has killed off key characters before, Glenn has been here since the beginning folks. What will become of Glenn? How about Maggie?

The Verdict: PANIC

Even if he somehow survives via human shield, hiding under the garbage can, etc., the stage has been set for a viewer double-kill moment. Many believe he is either dead, or will survive only to be killed again either surprisingly or tragically by his own wife. What say you?

Unfortunately you can’t replace Glenn with anyone, and the mystery and anxiety of what will come of this story is as real as it gets. Time to panic!

— Written by Chris Meyers, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network and a member of the FSWA. Meyers' work appears on many other sites, including Follow him on Twitter @FantsyChillpony.