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Federal Judge Rules Against Redskins, Says Name is 'Disparaging' to Native Americans


A judge in Virginia has stated that the Redskins should lose their federal trademark registration due to their name.

The term "Redskins" is "disparaging" to Native Americans, said Judge Gerald Bruce Lee. He went on to further explain, and even gave us a gem of a quote from Allen Iverson.

"Just as Allen Iverson once reminded the media that they were wasting time at the end of the Philadelphia 76ers' season 'talking about practice' and not an actual professional basketball game, the Court is similarly compelled to highlight what is at issue in this case — trademark registration, not the trademark themselves."

There's always room for an Iverson quote. The Redskins can still use the name and things associated with it but now that they don't have the government registration for it, others can too.

Only time will tell if this decision will cut into their profits.