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Five Celebrations Johnny Manziel Could Try Instead of the 'Money Sign'


Johnny Manziel is turning over a new leaf, and on that leaf there will be no more "money sign." 

The Browns quarterback has gone on record to say that he will no longer be throwing up the trademark sign we've seen since his days at Texas A&M. 


R.I.P. The Money Sign. It had a good run. 

There are other celebrations we wouldn't mind seeing Manziel try out next season. After all, he has to do something when he gets excited.

1. The LeBron James

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The signature James move signifies power and let's the crowd know you've just handled the situation. Manziel may need a few more successful 2-minute drives before he could pull this move off.

2. The Drake "Started From The Bottom" Dance

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This might be the perfect dance since Manziel is starting from the bottom in his second season with the Browns.  

3. The Whip

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Manziel might need a little more rhythm than he's equipped with to pull this one off. Plus Odell Beckham Jr. seems to have it on lock.

4. The Andre Iguodala "Travel Dance"

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It worked, he's an NBA champion now. This is the main reason he won MVP. Yes, just the dance.

5. The Lil' B "Cooking Dance"

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Actually, no Johnny, don't do this or you will be cursed.