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Former NFL Player Uses 3 Words To Describe The Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys helmet.

The Dallas Cowboys are making a pretty controversial lineup decision tonight vs. the New York Giants. Jason Peters, an all-time great offensive tackle, is expected to make his debut for the NFC East franchise tonight. 

However, the Cowboys are expected to play Peters at guard instead of tackle. It's a questionable move. Peters has spent his entire NFL career at tackle.

Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz calls the Cowboys a "poorly run" organization because of this move. 

"Poorly run organizations make these moves," said Geoff Schwartz on Twitter.

That's a pretty strong accusation of Schwartz, but he makes a good point. 

Jason Peters knows playing offensive tackle. Why move him to an entirely different position, especially in his first action with the team?

Peters will likely make his debut for the Cowboys tonight when they battle the New York Giants in the Big Apple on Monday Night Football.