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Former NFL Quarterback Crushes Carolina Panthers For 'Coaching Malpractice'

Panthers helmets.

The Carolina Panthers are off to an ugly 2-0 start to the 2022 season. There appears to be a big reason why they are having such little success on the offensive end. 

According to ESPN's Dan Orlovsky, the Panthers are tipping their offensive play calls based on alignment. It all has to do with how Christian McCaffrey lines up in the backfield. 

If McCaffrey lines up a yard behind Baker Mayfield, either to the left or right, the Panthers are running the ball or running a run-pass option. However, if McCaffrey is directly aligned with Mayfield, it's a pass. 

Teams are keying in on the Panthers' strategy with ease. Carolina has to switch things up or else this is going to be a long season. 

"Unacceptable Coaching malpractice Yes every @panthers fan should be ticked off Never seen this before in the #NFL #nfllive," said Orlovsky.

Orlovsky is accusing the Panthers of "giving away" their plays, and he's right. 

"All @Panthers fans And honestly offensive coaches—y’all should tune into NFL LIVE right now… You’re giving away your plays," Orlovsky adds.

This is indeed coaching malpractice. And unless the Panthers change things up it's going to be a long season. 

Carolina takes on the Saints of New Orleans this Sunday.