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Former NFL Quarterback Drew Brees Sends Clear Message To Tom Brady

Drew Brees

Drew Brees went from NFL quarterback to broadcaster just months after officially retiring back in 2021. However, he stayed in that role for just one year. 

Brees has since re-retired to spend more time with his family, specifically on weekends. 

“Last year, I went the media route,” Brees said of his post-retirement career on The Dan Patrick Show this Thursday morning, via Awful Announcing. “That was really enjoyable. I felt like I learned a lot…the reason I didn’t do that this year was simply because it was taking away all my weekends.”

Reports suggest Tom Brady could go a similar route once he retires from playing football. He reportedly has a $375 million contract with Fox to become its lead analyst. 

With that being said, Brees wants Brady to know how big a commitment there is in the broadcasting business. 

“I’m not sure exactly what Tom is signed up to do, I know what’s been announced,” Brees said. “But it is definitely a commitment, and it takes more time than you think. I definitely have a respect for the guys that are in those positions and the guys that really do it the right way, you know the preparation that goes into that.”

You can find Brees full interview with Dan Patrick in the video below. 

It's going to be very interesting to see whether or not Tom Brady sticks with his commitment to FOX.