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Former NFL Star Quarterback Andrew Luck Reveals His Biggest Regret

NFL Picks: Andrew Luck

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck opened up about his decision to abruptly end his NFL career.

Andrew Luck has long been considered an enigma in the NFL.

The former No. 1 draft pick retired after just six professional seasons, and after leading the Indianapolis Colts to the divisional round of the playoffs and being named the league's Comeback Player of the Year.

More than years later, he opened up about his decision to step away from football to ESPN's Seth Wickersham. 

Wickersham's story about Luck includes details about why he decided to retire when he did, his life since retiring and the calls he's fielded from NFL teams.

But one thing stands out. Luck said he has one regret about his abrupt decision to stop playing football: the timing.

Luck retired in August of 2019, less than a month before the start of the season. He told Wickersham (he actually first told a group of high school football players) that he wished he had come to the decision sooner, right after the end of the 2018 campaign. 

Luck said he felt as if he "let people down" by calling it quits so close to the start of the season. The Colts would go 7-9 and miss the playoffs that year.

From the story:

"What's your biggest regret from your NFL career?" a kid asked.
Luck cursed in his mind, having hoped for a softball. "Good question!" he said, and he decided to tell a group of kids what he had never said publicly:
"I regret the timing of when I retired."
He felt he had let people down, for which he had to learn how to forgive himself. What mattered to him most about football, what he wanted the kids to learn, was the "uber accountability."

Aside from the timing, however, Luck appears to have found peace with his decision to end an injury-filled NFL career. He's now attending graduate school at Stanford with an eye on teaching and coaching in the future.

Perhaps one day he'll be back in the NFL, not as a quarterback but as a coach.