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Grading the NFL's New Uniforms for the 2020 Season

Grading the NFL's New Uniforms for the 2020 Season

Grading the NFL's New Uniforms for the 2020 Season

Change can be good. Just because it can be, however, doesn't mean it always is. That is the case with some of the uniforms that NFL teams will be wearing in the 2020 season.

A total of seven franchises decided to alter their look heading into the upcoming season. Some of those teams nailed it. Others fell flat.

Here are the overall grades for each of the seven uniform changes for the 2020 NFL season.

— Grades by J.P. Scott, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. His work has appeared on,, Yahoo! SBNation and Bleacher Report. He is a three-time FWAA writing contest award winner. Follow him on Twitter @TheJPScott.

Los Angeles Rams

Grade: D

I honestly don't know what the Rams were thinking. The round numbers with their yellow-to-white fade and stripes is not an interpretation you typically associate with football. It's as if the team tried to cater to the non-football watching population of the greater Los Angeles area. The only thing that kept this uniform change from getting an "F" grade is the helmet, which adds some dimension to the horns.

Atlanta Falcons

Grade: C

The Falcons went with a super-modern look that they'll need to change in another couple of years when it goes out of style. The "ATL" on the chest is tacky and won't age well. The number font is straight out of a "create a uniform" feature in a video game. The air-brushed red to black look on the alternative uniform wouldn't be bad, again, if not for the gaudy "ATL" on the jersey. The Falcons also brought back the "Too Legit 2 Quit" era look for their alternative. Had they gone with a more classic look like that for the regular uniform, they would have received no less than a "B."

New England Patriots

Grade: B+

There were plenty of Patriot fans clamoring for the team to switch to their "Color Rush" look over the last few years. Well, they finally did it. The home combination will be all navy with white numbers and red trim. The away white jerseys will have navy numbers with red trim and be paired with navy pants. New England also went with stripes on the shoulders, sort of an homage to the classic red jerseys the team wore up through the 1980s. The Patriots' uniforms didn't need a makeover, so they only needed to play it safe — and that's what they did.

Indianapolis Colts

Grade: B+

The Colts already had a clean, classic look that didn't need a change, so instead they focused on adding a little more character into certain elements. They tweaked the number font to resemble the style of the franchise during their glory years – 1950s and '60s. They also altered the "COLTS" font and added a secondary "C" logo in the same horseshoe style as the primary, but with the interior in the shape of the state of Indiana. All in all, these are unnecessary but acceptable changes that the fans should enjoy.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Grade: A

The Buccaneers did the right thing and went back to a very similar look to what they sported in the early 2000s. The red and pewter with orange trim is one that could easily get ugly, like what they've worn recently, but they worked it into a classic look that should stand the test of time. They also added an all-pewter "Color Rush" version which will look great on TV.

Cleveland Browns

Grade: A

The Browns went back to a simpler look, and they should never change again. The franchise has always been a reflection of the town — blue-collar, nothing fancy. The new-yet-classic-look goes back to exactly that. White numbers on brown jerseys, brown numbers on white jerseys, orange stripes on the sleeves. Cleveland also is bringing back an all-brown "Color Rush" uniform. The team has added brown pants that can go with the home or away jersey. Had the Browns brought back the orange pants as well this grade may have been an A+.

Los Angeles Chargers

Grade: A+

The Chargers came out with six different color combinations for their new uniforms, and all of them are outstanding. They have powder blue, true blue, and navy as home jersey options, and they have helmets — with the numbers on them — to match. Have a lightning bolt with your uniform can get dicey in terms of making sure the design isn't too tacky and loud, but the Chargers kept it classy. These jerseys and helmets are going to be huge moneymakers in 2020 from a merchandise perspective.