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Grady Jarrett Opens Up On Questionable Tom Brady Roughing The Passer Call

Atlanta Falcons helmet

Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Grady Jarrett spoke about the roughing the passer penalty called against him in Week 5 during a Tuesday morning segment on "680 The Fan."

The penalty, which all but ended the hopes of a Falcons comeback in a 21-16 loss, has put NFL officials in the spotlight. 

However, Jarrett didn't directly attack the call or the referees, instead opting to take the high road and show support to his team. 

"I'm not saying that lost us the game. I'm saying all we wanted was an opportunity that we as a whole team, staff and organization earned in that moment, you know," Jarrett explained. "That's unfortunate that it had to go down like that." 

While Jarrett is right in saying the call didn't explicitly change the outcome of the game, fans are always going to wonder what would have happened if the Buccaneers had punted instead of being awarded a free first down. 

Adding even more fuel to the fire that is NFL officiating, another questionable roughing the passer flag was thrown just a day after the Grady Jarrett penalty. Chiefs' defensive lineman Chris Jones was penalized for a similar quarterback hit, although Kansas City was fortunate to come out ahead in the game. 

Grady Jarrett and the rest of the Atlanta Falcons will need to move past the controversy quickly, as they take on the 49ers at home in Week 6.