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Here's How Much Money Longtime NFL Quarterback Blake Bortles Made During His Career

Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles

On Wednesday, longtime NFL quarterback Blake Bortles officially announced his retirement from football.

“I have not touched a football since January,” Bortles told Pardon My Take, via

“I quietly—I didn’t tell anybody—I retired two months ago probably. I just didn’t tell anyone, so I guess you guys are the first to hear publicly.”

Bortles, the former No. 3 overall pick, isn't walking away empty-handed though. 

The longtime NFL quarterback reportedly earned $48 million through NFL salaries during his career. 

Enjoy retirement, Blake!

Blake Bortles retires, ends career having been paid $48 million. Played in 78 games, finished with 75 interceptions.

That's a pretty impressive mark for a guy like Blake Bortles to reach. Well done. 

Bortles put up some pretty lofty numbers in Jacksonville throughout his career. Has the second-most passing yards (17,646) and passing touchdowns (103) in franchise history, and he did it in 73 games. 

Congratulations on a great career, Blake. Go out and enjoy retirement.