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Here's How Much Money The Panthers Still Have To Pay Matt Rhule

Former Panthers head coach Matt Rhule

No individual has ever been happier to get fired than football coach Matt Rhule.

The Panthers announced this Monday morning that they are officially moving on from head coach Matt Rhule following the team's 1-4 start to the 2022 season. 

However, Carolina is still on the hook for major money owed to Rhule. 

According to a report, Rhule is owed $40 million from the Panthers.

Matt Rhule coached 38 games for the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers still owe him over $40 million. Rhule will make $834,000 per month for the next 48 months after being fired today, per @AllanBell247.

With that being said, there is one notable stipulation here. 

NFL insider Ian Rapoport adds that while the Panthers are on the hook to pay Rhule for the rest of the 2022 season, the ensuing seasons become offset based on what his job down the road pays him. 

My understanding of the contract of former #Panthers coach Matt Rhule: Carolina is on the hook for this season, but the salaries for the ensuing seasons are offset by what his future college job pays him. Rhule gets all $40M, but Panthers likely only pay this year of it.

As we said, Matt Rhule must be jumping for joy that he got fired this Monday morning. Who wouldn't want to get fired and still be payed $40 million, or at least some of that number?

The good news for Rhule is that he should have no problem finding a job at the college level. Nebraska and Arizona State have openings and will no doubt give Rhule a call.

The Panthers, meanwhile, will likely move forward with an interim head coach for the rest of the season before undergoing a coaching search this off-season.