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Here's Video Of The Streaking Fan During Monday Night Football

Streaking fan during Monday Night Football between Rams and 49ers.

Tonight's Rams vs. 49ers game has been interrupted by a fan. 

Late in the first half, a fan ran onto the field during Monday Night Football. The ESPN broadcast didn't show the ordeal, however. 

Luckily a fan in the stands recorded a video of the surreal moment. 

The fan carries some sort of contraption that emits pink smoke before he gets absolutely destroyed by Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner. You can find the video here.

Without a doubt Bobby Wagner's biggest hit of the night. 

We would love to know what that fan's motivation was for interrupting tonight's game. Pretty annoying if you ask us. 

The 49ers lead the Rams 14-6 at the half. Catch the second half on ESPN.