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Here's Why Stephen A. Smith Is 'Ashamed' Of Tom Brady

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith is "ashamed" of NFL quarterback Tom Brady this week, and it may surprise you as to why. 

In Week 5, Brady and the Buccaneers took a commanding 21-0 lead over the Falcons in the third quarter. However, Atlanta slowly crept its way back into the game by scoring 15 fourth-quarter points. 

Needing a defensive stop, the Falcons defense appeared to rise up to the challenge. But a bogus roughing the passer penalty was called on Grady Jarrett for making contact with Brady. 

The call stole the Falcons' momentum and allowed Brady and the Bucs to run out the clock. Stephen A. Smith is "ashamed" of Brady for working the refs to get the call. 

“I’m not going to lie to you, and some people are gonna look at me and say I’m utterly crazy for saying this: I’m pretty damn ashamed of Tom Brady, too,” Smith said Monday on ESPN. “Tom Brady looked at the ref and was looking for a call. ‘Where’s the call?’ I know, win at all costs. But, damn, talk about taking the competitive fervor out of the mix. Win fairly. What are you looking at the referee for? You’re Tom Brady, you’re a seven-time champion. You know what kind of things you’ve endured throughout these years in the league. What the hell are you looking at the official to make a call on that play?”

He's not wrong. Tom Brady has made a habit out of looking to the refs to try and fetch a call. 

With that being said, name one NFL quarterback who doesn't do the same thing. It's common in the NFL. 

Tom Brady can't be at fault here. It's the refs who need to be blamed for getting so easily persuaded by the veteran quarterback.