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Jalen Ramsey Crushes Rams' Offense Following Abysmal Showing vs. Bucs

Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles Rams

Nursing a 13-6 lead through 45 minutes Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams offense was held scoreless in the fourth quarter en route to a 16-13 loss to Tampa Bay.

Following the disappointing defeat, head coach Sean McVay told reporters after the game that "changes have to be made" to the Rams offense.

McVay wasn't the only disappointed voice in Los Angeles, however, as cornerback Jalen Ramsey also shared his displeasure Sunday on the recently-faltering Rams offense.

According to an report published this morning, Ramsey said the following on Los Angeles' sputtering offense and the pressure it puts on the Rams' defense:

"The defense should not have had to go back on the field. Simple. Gotta have some dogs who are gonna go get it. We shouldn't come to the sideline after a big stop like that and our coaches or the other side or whoever telling us, 'We gonna to need y'all one more time. We gonna to need y'all one more time.' Like what the f---? We just made a big stop, turnover on downs, with a minute and some change left and no timeouts for nobody."

Ramsey continued his quote by claiming this issue isn't new for Los Angeles, saying "It ain't the first time that this has happened. This has happened multiple times this year, really."

The Rams' defense played well nearly the entire game, holding Tom Brady and the Buccaneers out of the end zone until just seconds were remaining in regulation. By then, it was too late for Los Angeles to make a comeback. 

Los Angeles will hope to bounce back from their Week 9 loss this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.