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Jay Cutler's Former Teammate Reveals Why He Hasn't Been Signed

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is still without a job and depending on who you ask, that isn't surprising.

Former teammate Antrel Rolle gave a little insight as to why no one has taken a chance on the free agent quarterback yet. The retired safety also compared him to Giants quarterback Eli Manning who shares similar traits, but has also won two Super Bowls.

"He was a little bit more laid back," Rolle told about Cutler. "He wasn't a front-row leader. Neither was Eli Manning, but Eli has a way about himself to lead every guy. I just feel like, honestly, if Jay involved himself with more of the team, more of the receivers, I think he'd get better results on the playing field."

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Rolle went on say that Cutler can be reclusive at times and that doesn't bode well for the a quarterback who needs to have some kind of chemistry with the team, especially the receivers.

"I just honestly feel like he would get much better results if he involved himself more on the team collectively, with all individuals," Rolle continued. "It doesn't have to be offense, defense, special teams, but just everyone as a collective unit, I think he would get more out of his game for himself. I think at this point and time in his career, I think he's looking for something that's suitable for his skill set. I think he needs multiple weapons and more importantly, he just needs a new start."

Only time will tell if some team can ignore the outside noise and actually take a chance on Cutler.