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Jerry Jones Addresses LeBron James' Criticism Of Media's Handling Of 1957 Photo

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Earlier in the week, NBA star LeBron James sparked a discussion on the media's critique of athletes compared to team owners. He used Jerry Jones in this instance, as the Dallas Cowboys owner was revealed to have been in a 1957 photo depicting black students being harassed at a school.

For a more complete overview of the situation, readers can get caught up here. But James, to paraphrase, asked the room of reporters: Why is the media so quick to ask me about Kyrie Irving, when none of you have brought up Jerry Jones?

A day has passed, and the outspoken Cowboys owner has responded to LeBron. Calling in to radio station 105.3 The FAN, Jones spoke his mind on the situation. 

"First of all, you have to hear me say how much I think of LeBron," Jones began. "Certainly, he has influence...his accomplishments, how he's utilized his sport and how he’s utilized his platform. How we have done it. He has enhanced basketball, he's made a lot of people a lot of money. I hope I have too."

The remainder of Jones' response, a fairly lengthy one, was spent praising James' role in elevating his sport and being a "great ambassador." A complete transcript of the reply is available here

Jones' reply is unlikely to mend any fences, or answer significant questions on the power structures that exist in professional sports. More likely, Jones merely wanted to extend an olive branch to James and let him know he will not try to censor the NBA star, or get in his way during this public debate.