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Jets Players Are Reportedly Unhappy With Quarterback Zach Wilson

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson

The New York Jets' 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday was unusual in a couple of respects. Not only was the game decided on an improbable 84-yard punt return, but it featured a total lack of offense from quarterback Zach Wilson and the Jets.

Passing for just 77 yards on the game, Wilson didn't exactly endear himself to teammates or the media by saying he didn't feel he let the team's defense down. 

In a big market like New York, it seemed only a matter of time before Wilson's words came back to haunt him. And by Monday morning, reports are already surfacing of tumult within the Jets' clubhouse. ESPN's Rich Cimini tweeted about what he described as "raw feelings" from Wilson's teammates.

What happens in the following days and weeks will determine whether this was a learning moment for Wilson, or the catalyst for his departure as the Jets' starting QB. As fans have pointed out on social media, Wilson's empty words were in stark contrast to those of his teammates. Cornerback Justin Hardee didn't shy away from taking blame in the wake of Sunday's defeat. 

Of course, there's a lot of season to go before we write off Wilson completely. At 6-4, the Jets are still very much in the postseason mix, and it wasn't long ago that the team enjoyed a four-game winning streak. 

The team also has Wilson on the books for two additional seasons before his fifth-year team option emerges. So, before Wilson is etched in Jets history as a disappointing young QB alongside Sam Darnold and Geno Smith, the Brigham Young product will have a chance to dig himself out of this hole.