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Jim Irsay Crushes Critics After Jeff Saturday Wins Rookie Coaching Debut

Jim Irsay and Jeff Saturday

The Indianapolis Colts' hire of rookie head coach Jeff Saturday wasn't without controversy. Team owner Jim Irsay hired Saturday over in-house options with head coaching experience such as John Fox, and reportedly did so in defiance of team executives' wishes.

Following the hiring, Irsay lashed out at those accusing his team of tanking. So, on the heels of Sunday's 25-20 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that Irsay is relishing his "I told you so" moment. 

"All you critics…you criticize all of us in the NFL for losing…When we make moves to Win… you act so righteous! “Who You Crappin’..”. Just Win,Baby!!", the team owner tweeted Monday.

Irsay's victory lap brings more style than substance- the Colts still find themselves on the bubble of a postseason berth- but falls perfectly in line with his brash demeanor. 

The Colts' owner since 1997, Irsay is no stranger to headlines. From August-on, he's labeled Carson Wentz's Colts tenure a "mistake" and openly called for Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder to be removed from his post. 

By Irsay's admission, he views Saturday's lack of coaching experience to be a boon rather than a detriment. The new head coach, who played in the NFL from 1999 to 2012, will have the opportunity to prove Irsay right. 

The Colts' path gets no easier from here on, as five of the team's remaining seven opponents boast records above .500. Indianapolis will next square off with Jalen Hurts and the 8-0 Philadelphia Eagles at home Sunday.