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Jim Irsay Had One Question For Jeff Saturday During Their Phone Call On Sunday

Jim Irsay and Jeff Saturday

The Indianapolis Colts sent shockwaves around the league Monday when the team decided to fire head coach Frank Reich and replace him with interim Jeff Saturday.

While Saturday's lack of NFL coaching experience certainly has been a heated topic of debate recently, a new piece of information revealed today could add more fuel to the fire in Indianapolis.

According to The Athletic's Zak Keefer, the first call Colts' owner Jim Irsay made to Jeff Saturday came during Indianapolis' 26-3 loss to New England on Sunday. 

"The first call from Jim Irsay to Jeff Saturday came during Sunday's game," Keefer said Wednesday.

Though it initially appears that Jeff Saturday might've broken a record for the fastest interview-to-hire time in NFL history, the call Irsay made Sunday apparently didn't include any mention of the Colts plan to fire Frank Reich or the interim coaching position, either. 

"To clarify: Saturday said Irsay asked him, "What the hell is wrong with our protection?" No mention of Frank Reich or an interim head coaching job," Keefer said, quoting his initial tweet about Irsay's call to Jeff Saturday.  

Regardless of the intent behind Irsay's call Sunday, the Colts decision to hire Jeff Saturday so quickly has been met with loads of criticism. 

A number of NFL insiders have noted that several coordinators already on the Colts' staff were more qualified for the position, and that hiring Saturday to the interim role is a "crushing defeat" for coaches in the future.  

The newly-hired Saturday will make his NFL head coaching debut in Week 10 against the Las Vegas Raiders.