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Jim Irsay Has Stern Message For Critics Accusing The Colts Of Tanking

Jim Irsay

Despite benching a starting quarterback, firing a head coach in Week 10 and hiring an interim with zero NFL coaching experience, the Indianapolis Colts are not tanking.

Don't take my word for it, though, take Colts' owner Jim Irsay's. 

When asked Tuesday about his team's recent controversial decisions and if they're part of an elaborate plan to tank this season, Irsay lashed out to The Athletic's Bob Kravitz and called the accusations "the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard." 

Irsay continued, according to a Pro Football Talk article posted this morning, and said the following about what lies ahead for the Colts this season: 

“That’s bullsh*t. We’re in this thing; 9-7-1 get us in, no question about it... We’re not tanking the season. Whoever says these things, that we’re not playing [quarterback] Matt [Ryan] because [of an effort to tank], that’s all bullsh*t. That’s not true... We’re going to do what it takes to win. I don’t know who people think we are, they don’t know us. We don’t tank in Indianapolis.”

Very rarely do teams openly admit to tanking. Even if Irsay is trying to throw away the 2022 season, he likely wouldn't own up to it. 

His strong comments made against the practice of tanking, though, signal that the Colts' owner is attempting to right the ship in Indianapolis, despite going at it in all of the wrong ways. 

The Colts, 3-5-1, will need to finish the season 6-2 to hit Irsay's magical mark of 9-7-1. 

They'll have a shot at moving towards that record this Sunday when the Colts take on the Las Vegas Raiders.