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Jimmy Garoppolo is a Mystery to Some Steelers

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Even though training camp is just starting now, the NFL season begins in just over a month. But some Steelers certainly haven’t been look that far ahead. In an interview with a couple defensive players, a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter received blank stares when asking about Jimmy Garoppolo. The Steelers face the Patriots in the season opener, where Garoppolo will be the presumed starter after Tom Brady’s suspension was upheld.

When asked about how they were going to prepare for the new quarterback, linebackers Jarvis Jones and Bud Dupree both couldn’t come up with an answer. They didn’t seem to even know who he was. Dupree had to be told that he was Brady’s backup, but he couldn’t add too much insight. Surely as the season gets closer, the Steelers will have to look more into this mysterious quarterback.