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Jimmy Garoppolo Reportedly 'Vanished' After Signing Big Contract In 2018

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo signed a big contract with the San Francisco 49ers back in 2018. What happened after is a big surprise. According to a report, Garoppolo "vanished" and hardly responded to texts or calls from his coaches and teammates. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't a one-time thing, either. Garoppolo reportedly has a habit of leaving texts on read and not answering phone calls from anyone in the 49ers organization during the off-season.

It was at its worst when Garoppolo signed his big contract with the Niners in 2018.

"Per @MikeSilver, Jimmy Garoppolo, the guy everyone wanted to give flowers to for his professionalism, would routinely ghost teammates and coaches in the off-season," said Rob "Stats" Guerrera. "Including immediately after his big contract in 2018. 'The Jimmy G. Vanishing Act.'"

The "vanishing act" reportedly began right after Jimmy Garoppolo left the press conference to announce his contract extension. 

"Once he left that press conference, nobody heard from him for weeks and weeks," said a member of the 49ers coaching staff. "He didn't return calls, he didn't return texts—he basically just vanished. And we were looking at each other going, 'What just happened?'"

Jimmy Garoppolo has always been painted as a true professional. This story, however, sheds new light and paints a clearer story. 

Maybe there's a big reason, other than his play, that the 49ers chose to move off Garoppolo for Trey Lance.