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Jimmy Garoppolo Uses 1 Word To Describe His Relationship With Trey Lance

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo

After an offseason full of uncertainty, the San Francisco 49ers have opted to keep veteran quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster. But make no mistake, Trey Lance is still the team's starting quarterback. 

Kyle Shanahan has made it clear Lance is the guy and that won't change unless he performs poorly. The Niners had intentions to trade Garoppolo, but potential suitors became uninterested throughout the offseason. 

Now that Garoppolo's back in the fold in the Bay Area, are there any hard feelings between him and Lance? Not according to the veteran. In fact, he describes their relationship as "strong."

"Me and Trey, honestly, I know a lot of s—t gets made in the media, but we have a strong relationship," said Garoppolo. 

Jimmy Garoppolo has always been known as a true professional, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. But there's no doubt the 49ers' locker room is probably in an awkward spot right now. 

Regardless, Trey Lance is the guy moving forward. Garoppolo knows it. Shanahan knows it. The 49ers know it. Hopefully they rally around him and have a big year.