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J.J. Watt Blasts Former NFL GM Over Josh Rosen Comments


Athletes are speaking up now more than ever, and it will only continue. 

According to The Nation's Dave Zirin, former Cleveland Browns general manager and current NFL analyst Michael Lombardi spoke on UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen in an unflattering light. Lombardi made a statement about the young quarterback saying that it was difficult to determine what he is more passionate about when it comes to humanitarian work or football.

That's when J.J. Watt stepped in. The Texans star mentioned that there's more to life than just being an athlete and that they should use their platforms to do great things in the world. After Watt's charitable causes for the city of Houston after the hurricane and other work he's involved in, he more than anyone knows the importance of helping others.

Of all the things to consider when drafting a quarterback, Rosen's commitment to charity should be a pro rather than a con.