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Joe Montana Talks Jimmy Garoppolo, Colin Kaepernick and Heart Disease


Joe Montana has always been the coolest guy in the room. Nothing fazes “Joe Cool.” Well, almost nothing. These days, the 62-year-old, who won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers, is getting serious about his high cholesterol, high blood pressure and overall heart health. Montana has partnered with the American Heart Association, Amgen and Schwinn Bicycles to promote the “Breakaway from Heart Disease” campaign. Montana pumped the brakes on his bike long enough to give us his takes on Jimmy Garoppolo, Colin Kaepernick and crypto currency.

What do you want people to know about the “Breakaway from Heart Disease” campaign?

Heart disease is scary. It's silent and the best thing you can do is meet with your doctor. To look up some information prior to that, go to the website Hopefully, we can save a number of lives along the way.

What's your impression of 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo?

He's settled in and understands the offense. He's only played in five games. I always want to be cautious about that part of it. Traditionally when you look at quarterbacks that have come from behind a great quarterback and gone to another system somewhere else, I don't think there's been one success. Even behind Tom Brady, there's been three, maybe four, that have left and haven't had much success in the NFL. Hopefully he'll be the first to break that mold. They paid him a lot of money, so I'm sure they're going to give him plenty of opportunity.

What are your thoughts on former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick?

He had an opportunity to play. Unfortunately for him, he’s talented physically, but those guys who are strictly read-option guys have a tough time when you have to stay in the pocket. You can go back all the way to Tim Tebow. It's unfortunate that everybody's trying to say it's something else. I guarantee you if they thought he could play and make a difference on a team, he would be somewhere.

You have some investments in crypto currency. How did that come about?

I have a seed stage technology fund (Liquid 2 Ventures). We took a few bets on the fringe side of the crypto currency. I don't think it's going away. It's just a matter of time for people to figure it out, especially on the block chain side of it. You'll see more companies using the block chain.

Is it true that Oliver Stone named Scarface, Tony Montana, after you?

He was a big fan of the 49ers and he used the name for that reason. I appreciate it.

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What’s Your Game Plan?

Follow these steps to build your game plan and help reduce your risk of heart disease.

H       Know your family HISTORY

E       EAT heart healthy food

A       Stay ACTIVE

R       Know your RISKS

T       TALK to your doctor

*This story originally appeared in the September issue of Athlon Sports & Life magazine.