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John Harbaugh Has Honest Reaction To Deshaun Watson Ruling

John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh

Deshaun Watson has finally received his punishment. The Cleveland Browns quarterback is being suspended for the first six games of the 2022 season, which is subject to change if the NFL appeals. 

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh - who already has a keen interest in Watson's punishment ruling because Baltimore and Cleveland will play twice this season - reacted to the news on Monday afternoon. 

Although he revealed he has plenty of opinions on the ruling, Harbaugh is keeping them to himself because he's not "at liberty to share them."

With that being said, Harbaugh is proud of his team's "zero tolerance" policy. The policy, which refers to the mistreatment of women, has been in effect since the Ray Rice situation. 

"Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he has a lot of opinions regarding Deshaun Watson situation but isn’t at liberty to share them. Harbaugh added that he’s proud of Ravens’ 'zero tolerance' policy when it comes to players involved in mistreatment of women since Ray Rice incident," tweeted Jamison Hensley.

The ugly truth is the NFL has a history of looking the other way regarding sexual misconduct and the mistreatment of women. 

Deshaun Watson will be eligible to play for the Cleveland Browns in Week 7. 

John Harbaugh and the Ravens, meanwhile, take on the Browns in Weeks 7 - the first game Watson is eligible to play in - and 15.