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John Harbaugh Was Asked About Lamar Jackson's Vulgar Tweet

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens' Week 12 showing was a disastrous one. Enjoying a two-possession lead toward the start of the fourth quarter, Trevor Lawrence marched the Jacksonville Jaguars down the field for a stunning 28-27 win at the end of regulation. 

While Doug Pederson's squad basked in adulation, coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens had to absorb another crushing defeat in an erratic 2022 season. 

While still holding a presentable 7-3 record, the Ravens- and specifically, franchise quarterback Lamar Jackson- have been on the receiving end of sharp criticism. 

This criticism appears to have finally gotten to Jackson, who fired off a since-deleted tweet Sunday night. 

For those who would like a safe-for-work synopsis of the interaction: A fan tagged Jackson's Twitter account and said the prized QB had not earned the money he's rumored to seek for his next contract. 

Jackson fired back, suggesting the fan was one of many on Twitter who criticize players despite never stepping onto a field. The tweet had a shelf-life of just over three hours before being deleted.

Recognizing a need to restore order during a chaotic moment, Harbaugh addressed the press Monday and said he and Jackson discussed the incident in private. 

Harbaugh deftly balanced his support of Jackson- claiming he's never heard the Louisville product use the sort of language he did in the deleted tweet- while acknowledging accountability was needed from his star athlete. 

Harbaugh's been an NFL head coach through the advent of social media, and was correct to point out that players would be best off avoiding Twitter following a loss. Jackson made the mistake of checking his mentions, and fired off a tweet he likely regretted. 

Any degree of game suspensions or missed time will almost certainly be excessive for this incident. What's more likely is that Jackson will be fined, and both he and the league will have to move on from this embarrassing moment.