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Josh Allen Has 4-Word Reaction Following Fight With Teammate

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen.

At the start of training camp, Josh Allen was on the receiving end of a light bump from one of his defensive teammates as he scampered into the end-zone during a team drill. The Bills quarterback wasn't happy about. 

Allen responded by shoving his defensive teammate - who has a good 100 pounds on him - and a scuffle ensued. Anything to worry about? Not really. 

In fact, Allen believes training camp fights can be a sign of a good team: "Good teams sometimes fight," he said. 

Well then. 

“Sometimes it’s necessary,” Allen said. “Good teams sometimes fight. Guys want it so bad, guys are very competitive, guys push each other. So you saw a little tempers flare again today, and again, that’s all because we want to win. We want to work really hard. We want to beat the guys across from us and it doesn’t matter who it is. But it’s good to see the intensity right now coming out from both sides of the football and the whole team because we just want to win football games.” 

Here's a look at the scuffle that occurred in practice last week.

Sounds like it's just boys playing some football. Nothing to see here. 

The Bills begin the 2022 season on Sept. 8 against the Rams.