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Josh Allen Makes His Opinion On Lamar Jackson Very Clear

Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen

NFL fans got to witness quarterback greatness last Sunday when the Baltimore Ravens hosted the Buffalo Bills. 

Josh Allen and the Bills outscored Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in a 23-20 thriller. 

Now that Allen has seen Jackson in person, he's ready to share what he thinks of the Ravens quarterback. 

Allen thinks Jackson is a special player. So much so he thinks the Ravens will make Jackson the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL. 

"The dude's a baller," said Allen. "There's only a few guys in the League that it doesn't matter what down or distance it is they've always got a chance. He's one of those guys. I said this last week. He's up next for that contract. He's gonna be the guy. He's gonna be the highest-paid guy. He's betting on himself right now"

He's right. It's only a matter of time before Lamar Jackson's contract breaks the bank. 

Jackson is betting on himself and not utilizing an agent to assist in contract negotiations. In fact, he's not negotiating currently in the season. 

Jackson and the Ravens will likely re-engage contract discussions next off-season.