Judge Continues to Rip NFL's Deflategate Case in Push for Settlement

The NFL must concede on "admission of guilt" or risk having the entire punishment thrown out.

The lawyers from the NFL and NFLPA were back in Judge Richard Berman's court on Wednesday and the judge continued to hammer the NFL on a number of fronts. At last week's hearing, Judge Berman took aim at the NFL's lack of hard evidence against Tom Brady in the Deflategate scandal, a curious move considering Berman is supposed to be ruling on the fairness of the process, not whether or not Brady actually did have a role in deflating footballs.


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But this time, Berman was more concerned with the NFL's process in deciding punishment, the area under scrutiny if he's to dismiss Brady's suspension. The two most interesting points Berman made:





There seems to be little doubt now that Deflategate will almost certainly bleed into the regular season unless the NFL realizes it has to concede some points if it doesn't want to be litigating this entire farce for the foreseeable future.


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