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Junior Seau's Family Will Not Be Allowed to Speak at Hall of Fame Induction


Junior Seau's death has brought to light the issue of concussions and CTE in football. On a day when his contributions to the sport is going to be remembered, his family's voice will be silenced.

According to The New York Times, instead of allowing the Seau family to speak on his behalf, a video will be shown. After his death in 2012, many placed the blame on his brain injury stemming from critical hits to the head during his football years.


The Seau family has filed against the NFL, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame wants to strictly keep the focus on the football player's on-field accomplishments. Seau had always said he wanted his daughter, Sydney, to introduce him but sadly that dream won't be realized.

"We're not the NFL, but the Pro Football Hall of Fame," executive director of the Hall of Fame, David Baker said. "Our mission is to honor the heroes of the game and Junior is a hero of the game. We're going to celebrate his life, not the death and other issues."

Seau's contributions to the game of football are important, but so are the everlasting results of those years of playing.