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Just Shut Up, Chip Kelly Knows What He's Doing

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly isn’t the nicest or most humble guy in the room but he’s probably the smartest.

Just ask him.

After all, you don’t go from New Hampshire’s offensive coordinator to NFL head coach and general manager in eights years by being stupid.

Kelly took over as general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles in early January. His first few months on the job have been anything but quiet. A flurry of personnel moves have drawn the ire of just about everyone around the sport.

What’s that guy doing in Phily?

Here’s the thing. Kelly knows exactly what he’s doing.

After just four seasons as a head coach at any level, he took a 4-12 Eagles team to back-to-back 10-6 seasons and the playoffs with one of the least-talented starting quarterbacks in the league.

NFL free agency kicked off this week with a whir of personnel movement that would make a Kelly offense look slow. But Kelly’s plan was being implemented well before the start of the new league year Tuesday afternoon, as the Eagles have made weekly headlines, leaving most fans and experts scratching their heads.

Relax, Kelly knows what he is doing.

He traded fan favorite LeSean McCoy to the Bills who proceeded to sign the seven-year veteran to a long-term (and very expensive) new contract. He shipped Nick Foles — who was 14-4 as a starter under Kelly and 1-5 under Andy Reid — to St. Louis for Sam Bradford. He let Jeremy Maclin walk in free agency to Kansas City.

This, just one season after punting DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick and Jason Avant off the roster as well.