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Kenny Pickett Makes His Opinion Of Mitchell Trubisky Very Clear

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett

Somehow Mitchell Trubisky and the guy who took his job, Kenny Pickett, appear to be on good terms. 

This Thursday, Pickett called Trubiksy one of the "best teammates" he's ever had. 

The two have supported each other, regardless of which one is starting. 

Pickett and Trubisky are also great fields off the football field. 

“Mitch is one of the best teammates I’ve been able to come across. I’m extremely grateful to have him in this room,” Pickett said in his press conference, via Pro Football Talk. “I supported him a ton when he was in there and he’s done the same for me. That’ll continue and we’re definitely great friends on the field and off the field.

“So, he’s definitely someone I’m going to lean on throughout this whole experience and he’s been nothing but great to me.”

It also helps Kenny Pickett that Mitchell Trubisky has invaluable experience and insight he can share. 

“Absolutely, yeah. I mean, to a degree,” Pickett said. “I think when guys try to get too cute with it with what they’ve run, to look for singles, to look for certain things, that can kind of get outside the frame of what I need to do in my job. So, I’m going to take some small things here and there, and at the end of the day, trust what I see, trust my reads, go out there and play fast.”

Pickett battles the Bills on Sunday.