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Kirk Herbstreit Is Calling Tonight's NFL Game - Here's What Everyone's Saying About Him

Kirk Herbstreit.

It's a new era of the National Football League. Tonight's game between the Chiefs and Chargers is being streamed on Prime Video. Kirk Herbstreit and AL Michaels are on the call. 

Fans are used to hearing Michaels. He's been an NFL commentator for a long time. However, Herbstreit has primarily called college games throughout his career. 

It's a bit strange to hear Herbstreit on an NFL game, but he's doing a pretty good job with it. 

"Hearing Kirk Herbstreit on an NFL game is strange, like when your gym teacher had to sub in English class," said Terence Malangone.

"This football game is giving me serious anxiety of is this Saturday or Sunday night? It’s like I’m going to wake up and be like okay I just dreamt Al Micheals and Kirk Herbstreit were announcing a football game together WTF," wrote Scott Springer.

"Hearing Kirk Herbstreit on a NFL game is going to take a second to get used to," said Jane Coaston.

"This game is yet another reminder that Kirk Herbstreit is the absolute best in the business," wrote Kyle Grondin. 

Herbstreit isn't done calling college games, though. He'll resume his work for ESPN this Saturday. 

Catch the Chargers-Chiefs game right now on Prime Video.