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Kyler Murray Fires Back At NFL Media, Fans Over 'Independent Study' Clause

Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray held an unplanned press conference this Thursday morning to address something that's been bothering him. 

Murray, the former Oklahoma star, just recently signed a massive contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals. Good news, right? Sort of. 

Moments after contract details emerged, a few notable NFL analysts and insiders were quick to point out the Cardinals included an 'independent study' clause that requires Murray to study opponents for at least four hours per week. 

In other words, the Cardinals are requiring Murray to do his homework just like how a parent unplugs the video games to get him/her to do some chores around the house or homework. 

Does an NFL quarterback - or in this instance, a franchise quarterback - really need to be told he needs to study his opponents? Apparently so. 

However, Murray took it upon himself to sound off at the media and fans laughing over the clause during a press conference on Thursday. 

“I’m flattered that y’all think that at my size (5-foot-10) I can go out there and not prepare for the game and not take it serious,” Murray said, via

"... Of course, I watch film by myself, that's a given," he added. "That doesn't even need to be said.”

Well then. 

Kyler Murray seems to be mad at the wrong people, though. He should really be blaming the Cardinals for putting that clause in his contract. It's disrespectful and, frankly, embarrassing. 

Murray no doubt has a new chip on his shoulder heading into the 2022 season.