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Lamar Jackson Fires Back At ESPN Reporter On Twitter

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson

ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley, who specializes in Baltimore Ravens coverage, has kept readers apprised of Lamar Jackson's deleted tweet aimed at a fan. 

It's unclear what long-term consequences- if any- will follow Jackson as a result of this incident, but one thing is obvious: The two-time Pro Bowler didn't care for Hensley's presentation of the incident. 

"This is Defamation of my character, Because not once have I ever mentioned or disrespect anyone’s Sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, Religion or Race. Your reaching…," said Jackson.

Jackson didn't address a specific claim, or reply to a certain tweet of Hensley's, which makes his message a bit complex to decipher. Our most educated guess is that Jackson is taking umbrage with Hensley's lede when he reported on the deleted tweet. 

In the opening paragraph, Hensley said that Jackson had responded to a fan using "a profanity-laced tweet that included an anti-gay phrase."

Where Jackson took issue, one would guess, is the characterization of his tweet as "an anti-gay phrase." Any readers who would like to read the original uncensored tweet for a greater sense of context may do so here

The situation is a delicate one. Hensley almost certainly would have preferred to be a neutral third-party rather than a part of this story. And Jackson, while guilty of a social media faux pas, would not like to be associated with homophobic rhetoric if that wasn't the intent behind his deleted tweet.

Almost a full week remains before the Ravens take the field in Week 13 against the Denver Broncos, and it would serve Jackson well to clear the air and voice his side of the story behind Sunday's minisaga.