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Lamar Jackson Warns Contract Negotiations Will Have A 'Cutoff' Date

Quarterback Rankings Week 2: Lamar Jackson

Quarterback Rankings Week 2: Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson sent a clear warning to the Baltimore Ravens' front office regarding contract extension negotiations this Thursday. 

Jackson has displayed strong faith in the Ravens that the two sides can get a deal done ahead of the 2022 season. Despite the fact his contract is up after this season, he's currently practicing with his team; a risky move on his part.

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However, Jackson - who isn't represented by an agent - has maintained he's hopeful the two sides will get a deal done. 

With that being said, Jackson warned this Thursday that he has a "cutoff" date in mind for when negotiations will end, even if the two sides can't agree on an extension.

"We're still negotiating right now. We're still talking right now. I said there's going to be a cutoff, so, hopefully," Jackson said Thursday, via CBS Sports. "Whenever we do, whenever we have free time – mutual free time. We're working right now. I'm in camp right now."

That "cutoff" could come sooner than expected. Lamar Jackson has long maintained he doesn't want this to linger as the 2022 season approaches. 

John Harbaugh, meanwhile, is confident a deal will get done before the 2022 season. He knows both sides are motivated to get it done. 

"My feeling on it, I guess I would just say, my feeling is, and what I hear from both [sides] – I get to talk to both sides, and both sides are very motivated to get the job done," Harbaugh said. "So, I feel like that's kind of where it's at. But, Lamar is practicing all day."

The Ravens better hurry. Losing a generational talent like Lamar Jackson would be catastrophic.