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Legendary NFL Coach Tony Dungy Calls Out The Chiefs' Coaching Staff

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Tony Dungy, a legendary NFL coach, is not happy with the Kansas City Chiefs' coaching staff this Monday night. 

The Raiders have a 17-0 lead over the AFC West-leading Chiefs early in the second quarter. Derek Carr is carving up the Kansas City secondary. 

Dungy thinks it's "not smart" that the Chiefs are putting their inexperienced corners in so many one-on-one situations against Davante Adams. 

"This is just not smart by the Chiefs. How many times are they going to put these young inexperienced corners 1 on 1 with Adams?? It makes no sense," said Adams. 

Tony Dungy is right. It makes zero sense what the Chiefs are doing tonight. 

This is one of the plays Dungy is referring to. The Chiefs put cornerback Rashad Fenton in a one-on-one situation vs. Adams on fourth down and Derek Carr made him pay. 

We might see a major defensive adjustment in the second half. The Chiefs are putting too many players in a position to stop the run and Carr is burning them over the top. 

The Raiders lead the Chiefs 17-0 in the second quarter. Watch the game on ESPN.